Why, hello mid-October. I'm in the peak of my semester with loads of assignments waiting for me to finish them. In the last 1 month or so, it's been quite happening. Some of the things I remembered - something wrong with the house tangki when we were not around and when we were back...we found our house flooded with water... ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

So after 4 years, we finally organised another YPF Camp at 'same old place'. Much different camp than the previous 2 camps I attended. Will find time to blog about it soon, I hope.

Aki left to pursue her studies. :(

A few couple of things happened - attended another graduation ceremony this year, went to a tattoo parlour a few days ago, more makan. So yeah. I also hope to finish up my foodie posts soon.

If all goes well, there should be something 'big' happening next week. Ah.. we'll see.

I know everyone thinks I'm very free. I also appear to be very free. The thing is, I love to make time for myself and for any other time, I'll be dedicated carry on with my responsibilities.

K, back to assignments.