Minion Invasion (Smart Move, McDonald's)

It's not surprising why minions are loved by everyone (too kiut!) and this craze has been going on since Bananaaaaaa~ Potato naaaaa~ was released. Ever since Despicable Me enjoyed its success, the sequel was sure to create much anticipation and suspense. Of course, Universal Pictures was smart enough to release snippets of videos from time to time to continue to tease fans about Despicable Me 2.

Then McDonald's made a really smart move in collaborating with Despicable Me to come out with minion toys! If you haven't noticed, in this season of the year, McDonald's would usually release McDonalds x Coca-Cola cups but I guess they ditched the collaboration now after different Coca-Cola cups and designs had been released for several years, and McDonald's had way too much excess cups last year that they had to offer to sell them at a super low price (can't remember how much but it was about less than RM20 for the whole set!)

Everyone (literally almost everyone I know) is talking about minion toys from McDonald's - some very very happy they've gotten their sets while most of them.. unhappy and upset that opportunists had bought dozens of sets and sold it at a higher price.

Really, smart move for McDonald's in producing these toys and selling them at its peak. Once again, I'm really impressed with McD's marketing team.


Those of you who got your minions, rejoice ; )

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