Haze, Part 1

Final week of the semester! Just bear with me for about 1 month until my semester break really begins.. then I make more food reviews and ramble more k? =p The past seven weeks has been really interesting. I was forced to make new friends (yeah, forced because I had no friends in the class initially), finally had an awesome lecturer who really gave us a lot of insights, had some terrible time completing group assignments and.. won an iPad! :D More on that later..

For now, I'm suffocating because of the terrible haze originated from Indonesia. I'm sick (not literally) and tired of not getting to breathe in fresh air for the past one week. Somebody DO something! :( Okay la, it's so typical of Malaysians to not to say anything until we face the problem ourselves. Good thing this haze problem is now out of hand and now Malaysians and Singaporeans (not sure about Indonesians) are forcing the governments involved to do something. I think it's almost 2 decades that this problem has been going on.. and yet - no improvements. Instead of working together to improve, there is this blame-game going on. My goodness, is this the third-world mentality? I wonder what would the first-world countries think of us...

K. Enough ranting. Only God can save us now. Rain, please, rain.

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