There are really a lot of things that I wish to write. So many things had happened over the last 2 weeks, whether at uni or at home. But I can't really write it down here for various reasons. I am so unhappy and frustrated to the point that I wish to quit this uni right now. And just stop studying. Enjoy life. By enjoy life, I really mean just taking a break from all these meaningless things that occupied my life for the past 5 torturing months and I have to endure more for the next coming 3 months.. and it could drag up till 2 more years. I just wish to travel somewhere, alone with my camera, capturing moments in life that are precious to individuals. Just strolling around on streets where I feel safe. Stop by and snack around and continue strolling. Oh how I wish. How I wish...


  1. Cheer up girl! Always look at the bright side ya! :)

  2. What happened? Mind to share? Btw, which Uni u from?

    1. Hey, I don't wish to share this in public =) Hope you understand :)