Just shoot me up. I need some help.

I've been feeling horrible since yesterday morning. I took close to 40 minutes to find a parking space, was 40 minutes late to class, left my tripod on the shuttle bus (thank God I found it back later!!!!) plus someone at HSC Medical Center tried to scam me (keep this story for another time).  And everything was just going WRONG. I'm not sure if I was all cranky and careless because of hormons but I'm pretty sure it's because I'm feeling overly stressed. Taking 6 subjects per semester is clearly a mistake. Cannot cope with the workload this semester. I'm on the verge of killing someone (because I'm on the verge to die, I want to kill someone too. Does that make sense?)

Just hoping things would turn around for good now.. God help me this coming 3 weeks. I really want to die already.

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