Video of the Week: Arsenal 1 - 0 Blackburn Rovers

This has got to be the video of the week because Arsenal lost (AT HOME!) to Blackburn Rovers and crashed out of the FA Cup. 

I'm a Gunner fan but sadly the Gunners have no more balls to load the cannon anymore and this season's performance is utterly tragic despite them still "trying" to get the "oh-so-prestigious" Champions League spot. Yaya, sure. Trophies are not everything but there is not passion or desire to win at all. Blame the board, blame the owner, blame Wenger and blame the players. All have to take part of the blame for Arsenal's horrible performance this season. Too inconsistent. 

I can imagine if I were at England, I'll probably go watch games at Emirates if I can afford it. And tickets are not cheap. The Emirates stadium has been constantly filled with fans but I guess the numbers should be decreasing soon. Why pay so much to watch your favourite team play half-heartedly? Memang padan muka if Arsenal goes down the drain. Better if less people watch the games, less people purchase any jersey and make sure there's less money for them. See if they are going to finally stop taking advantage of the loyal fans.


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