Learning Photoshop!

I'm taking Intro to Design this semester...and it's quite fun. LOL. I'm learning how to use photoshop..and it's really quite fun during tutorial class. I was quite reluctant to take up this subject cause I was lazy to travel from Wisma to main block and I thought it wasn't a core subject. But little did I know the university made a mistake and it is actually a pre-requisite for a subject that I have to take in year 2 -________________-. Thank God my friend told me.

Anyway, I'm required to start a design blog journal at another url (here). So if you would like to stay with me about my journey in learning how to use photoshop, hop on to that website :D

On the other hand, here's what I did so far. LOL..

I'm excited. I wanna simply chop people's face. Heh.

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