Happy Belated Birthday

Had a simple makan and yumcha with a few friends yesterday to celebrate Hoong Fong's birthday. Lazy to edit photos and upload as I'm using my lappy at the moment and everything's in my desktop computer :1 But I think Aki's gonna blog about it soon :D

Dreading to start on my assignment because the issue about MQA is not settled yet. Looks like I got no choice but to retake Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies AND MALAY. I'm so.. speechless. Sigh. Well, can't do credit transfer because the MPW I did in foundation was in a different level. And I have to take MPW cause it's cheaper and I have to fulfil the missing 9 credit hours (cause my program only have 111 credit hours). Let's just say this program is not good enough and MQA decided that we should take 3 more subjects to cover the 9 credit hours. -________-

The idea of studying BM again, in university is... a waste of time. It's cause I'll be learning whatever I've been learning for 11 years in school and BM is actually for students who didn't get Credit during SPM. I haven't been speaking BM for quite some time now, what more writing essays and using proper tatabahasa. But it's not like I suck at it, I have nothing to fear - afterall my results for BM was better than English for SPM. LOL. I know, I know. But it's something I take pride in. As a Malaysian, I believe that everyone should be able to speak and write the national language well enough. But it's just I don't wanna study BM again :( Want to learn something else.. 

Sigh. I kinda hate my life at this stage. But I'm praying that things would get better. I'm also learning not to make God like my ATM machine or prayer as my ATM card. 

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