Seriously, I have no idea what's so nice about Gangnam Style and what's with the hype all over the video. It's SUPER annoying. :1 It kinda reminds me of Rebecca Black's FRIDAY. Yes, it's that annoying because it's overplayed. And if the pattern follows, soon this Gangnam Style thing will reach it's death very soon.

The original video is super viral and I guess it's a breakthrough for the Koreans. And the amount of parodies that people are making.. -_-ll I heard that Gangnam Style is already a parody of it's own. So now it's making a parody out of a parody. Whut?

LOL. Anyway, JinnyboyTV is back with another viral video. With the help of cameos like Ryan Higa and Kyle Patrick (for those of you who don't know, he's The Click Five's lead singer) and also written by Ean and JJ from, this video is very much celebrated by Malaysians. Jin is really good at networking eh. I must say he's really taking full advantage of his job as a radio deejay and he gets so many celebs to be featured in his videos. From Greyson Chance, Pixie Lott, David Choi to now, Ryan Higa and Kyle Patrick. Panai, I must say.

I said that Gangnam Style is super annoying and to share this video is really an irony isn't it? But just want to let you know that KL Style and Super Kampung Style are the only "parody" videos that I watched apart from the original Gangnam Style video. So the reason that I'm making this post is because I want to know what you think about the whole Gangnam Style hype.

I'd prefer the lyrics in KL Style more than Super Kampung Style (the former was in collaboration with the HitzFM crew and the latter is by FlyFM deejays). In fact, I think the Super Kampung Style's lyrics are so badly written (especially the stanzas) but overall, I don't really like unnecessary cameo appearances (IMO) to get more audience so I'd give credit to FlyFM overall :P
I also think that credits must be given to Reuben as I think he as the other half of JinnyboyTV, he tends to get less recognition from the fans (?) I think Reuben did exceptionally well in this video and he looks a lot like PSY in the beginning of the video. LUL :D

So, did you like the video? What do you think about the whole Gangnam Style hype? :)