It's been a long weekend for many people. It's the Raya holidays. Well, I've been having holidays close to 2 months now and I'm enjoying every bit of it. But inside, I'm feeling solemn over the little holidays I have left. Yes, I'm counting down :( Here's what I did over the weekend 


I bid goodbye to my good friend who had left for The United States of America and met up with a bunch of other friends that I haven't met for a long time last Friday.

The Fabulous Five. Or so I say :P

Self-timer group shot. 


It was my first time at Levain. Tried out their pizza. 


On Saturday, went to Sungai Gabai for the second time this year with family and friends :D

I didn't go into the water coz I didn't feel like it. But I made my way quite close till I manage to grab some shots with my 35mm. *Wipes sweats*. Was very careful while making my way coz there were some parts I had to cross over and I was wet up till my knees. And if I drop my DSLR then... D:

One of the pictures taken lol after crossing the river and nearing the waterfall. I seriously need a telephoto lens like 18-200mm. Ahem.

Had a good time of makan and chilling. Thank God for a crazy good weather and thank God we were like the first people who reach there and we booked a nice spot for ourselves ^.^


Saturday night, I went to Palate Palette for a birthday celebration.

RM14. Virgin Pina Colada
Honestly thought Tony Roma's Pina Colado was better.

Lamb with honey and onion.
Not bad for RM20.

 Chicken lasagna. RM20.
I'd rather go for the lamb honestly. Hmm.

Two birthday boys. That's right. :P


Cousins came over to KL on Sunday and stayed till today. Some pictures I took over the weekend.

Banyak happening. And I've overspent. No more going out any sooner. 
Must. Save. Up.