Shopping Day and Desserts

Source: Stole from Aki's blog (link)

After bumming around at home for some time now, I went out with Hoong Fong and Aki because Hoong Fong wanted to shop. It's been quite some time since I hang out with friends. >:( Yes, I'm a loner.

Going towards Tokyo Street. Do not be fooled although they were not holding any plastic bags in their hands in this picture, both of them actually bought new clothes while I came home empty handed. *flips hair

Picture a lil overexposed here but I'm lazy to rectify. Hoong Fong saw this couple and asked them if they wanted a picture together. But then they taught we were asking them to help to take a picture of us. So finally they get it and they obliged. Haha. As usual, angmohs are more friendly.

The "Wishing Board"

I think it was my first..if not one of my firsts eating Snowflakes. Ya ya ya, I was living under my tempurung the whole time. Pfft. It was not bad :) I'm still Chatime lover. Lol.

It was a good day out, spent my whole afternoon with them T_T Good friends from primary and highschool. See, friendship never dies if we take the initiative to maintain it. Takes both sides of course.

For more pictures on that day, head on to Aki's blog (link)

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