Did my blogpost title caught your attention? But I hope it sure did. :) Now, what I'm sharing here today, you might be skeptical but it's true. I've made more than RM500 with SAYS.my (or SAYS.com). Below are my screenshots of the payment if you don't believe.

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Over the last 1 year, I've made that much of money with SAYS.my just by using Facebook and Twitter. Sounds pretty easy? I'm sure you are interested by now about SAYS.my. But.. 


Basically, you just need to sign up (here). REGISTRATION IS FREE. You would be given "recommendations", which are basically advertisements and you would be given a special link. You would just need to share those links on your Facebook or Twitter and for every unique click that you get, you earn RM0.20. Sometimes, you can even earn RM0.40 per unique click when there's a special event or occassion :) 


I've blogged (here) that I've gotten lots of goodies from SAYS.my - they are really generous! From cash to gadgets to concert tickets and just random giveaways, this is how generous SAYS.my is. They constantly organize contests from time to time and that's why it's important to check them out. At the moment as I'm typing this, they are giving out RM100 to 15 lucky people that is celebrating raya. DON'T WAIT! 

Making money with Facebook and Twitter is easy, provided you are hardworking and willing to practice the principle of "sharing is caring". If you're still skeptical or confused or need more info.. just leave a comment, I'll gladly convince you and enlighten you.

So, what you waiting for? Sign up now, HERE!