Fly FM's Ben Jern and Phat Fabes Make Jokes About Cats and Monkeys?

Update 3.23 pm, 4/7/2012: I suggest you read with an open mind, if not, you can choose to leave. 

Tada! I'm predicting that this news would go viral for awhile on Facebook as social media users start to flood Fly FM's page with how frustrated and disgusted they were about Ben and Phat Fabes' joke about cats and monkeys.

I didn't listen for myself what joke did they particularly made but from what I read, the joke revolves around monkeys and then one caller called in and talked about how she ran over a cat and they started to make jokes out of it too.

Many people had already written how furious they are over jokes that they made and called Ben and Phat Fabes as "ignorant", "insensitive", "cruel", "sick" and other words along that line. Many criticized them because there are many youths who are listening to the radio station and they should have educated public to love animals instead of making jokes. My question is : - do they expect Ben and Phat Fabes to lecture the caller? Or that following the call, they should condemn the act?

Another question is : What is your expectation when listening to radio stations? I doubt you would actually think of this word - EDUCATION. I doubt it, ask any Tom, Dick or Harry what they want out of radio stations and I bet one of the answers would be - ENTERTAINMENT. My argument is that people shouldn't use the point of "educating" when they don't even expect or believe in education out of radio stations in the first place.

And, perhaps the jokes that Ben and Phat Fabes made were really insensitive and they should indeed apologize for it. But my problem with all these people that comment is that they are making personal attack already. Worst still, all the "not really animal lovers" people start making comments etc etc etc. Suddenly, everyone is an animal lover. (Oh, remember the Sushi case?)

I am sure no human being (except sadists) will purposely run over animals or torture them intentionally. -_-; Some people on Facebook were testifying that they or their friends would come down to help animals when they ran over them or when they see a helpless animal anywhere. These are good acts, I respect them for their sacrificial actions.

However, would they do the same if they were on the highway? How come I don't see anyone helping the dogs/cats on highway but animals' corpses are left to rot or continue to be run over by more cars? Of course, that would mean that they would have to put their life in danger. But try to picture a situation where the animal is replaced with a human that met with an accident on a highway. Would people stop? I think yes, but not not everyone would stop either. At the end of the day, it's a personal choice (to help or not) and we cannot force others what our ideology is.

I would never think of running over a cat or dog as animal cruelty (as some people might have put it that way) because it is never the intention of a person to run over a cat or dog or any other animal. It is a mere accident.

As humans, we are quick to criticize others but we fail to see the flaws in ourselves. My stand in this whole animal loving issue is - don't hurt them and don't joke with animal lovers (because certainly we know that they would not like a slight hint of joke about animals). Making jokes out of incidents like running over animals could be inappropriate, so it is for you to discern. If you really think it's a funny joke, tell it to some other people, respect others. At the same time, I believe that the status of animals and humans are never the same. You cannot equate a life of a human with an animal. That is my stand.

Oh no, I think what I have wrote may offend all animal lovers out there. But, peace. These are just my thoughts, I respect you for your love for animals (which I do admit, I don't have) but you should respect me in the same manner (:


  1. at least I feel guilty if i run down a cat! Will you ? but did they?

  2. i suggest you remove your so called smart blog before you become famous.. if you never listen to the program, don't be so fast defensing them

  3. mass comm student? understand what is social responsibility? \never learn in school? never learn at home? guess you never graduate as mass comm student, feel bad for your lecturers who taught you, feel bad for your parents who pay your school fees

  4. which school you graduated from?

  5. I am confused with what Anonymous is trying to convey, I really do. Ruxyn, what on earth did you do to him/her? LOL

  6. To reply all of your comments Mr/Ms Anonymous,

    1) Honestly, I don't know what to feel because I've never ran over a cat. I think the first reaction would be panic following that, I don't know as I was not placed in that situation before.

    2) Why should I remove this blog? It is my personal right. Also, I did not defend them if you read properly. I was merely stating facts, and asking questions. I also stated that Ben and Phat Fabes should apologize if the jokes they made were really insensitive and ignorant.

    3) Yes, I am a mass comm student and I understand what is social responsibility. But may I ask what social responsibility are you referring to? Please clarify. No need for personal attack here with statements like "never learn in school/never learn at home". There is no need to feel bad for me if it is ME who is wasting and losing out in life.

    4) I am still an undergraduate, as stated in my "About" section.

  7. I find it rich for someone to comment on the need for..wait this is a big word 'social responsibility' when this someone puts 'anonymous' as his or her name in commenting in a blog. Rich, i'd say.

    This is a clear example of the unnecessary personal attack in a blog talking about a general issue and the writer of the blog has clearly mentioned that she does not condone the abusive act of animals. The comments by anonymous is totally unneccesarry and the best thing for fabes and ben is to come out with a simple public apology which will calm the storm. Give them a benefit of a doubt that they dont mean to offend anyone. Yes i have been listening to them for years nw.

    Alvin boey