Video of the Week: Safe and Sound (Taylor Swift) - Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider

You should know by now I can be not biased to anything - except Sam Tsui and Criminal Minds.

Well! I was mad happy when I woke up on Monday and found Kurt posting a new video with Sam! It's good to see Kurt and Sam working together because they are BEST together. Seriously. Pfft. Rumour has it that Kurt has found his "new boy" - Max - who happen to share the same family name with Kurt - Schneider. Gasp.

BUT. It's cool to see them together AGAIN. They've been making good good covers. And this video below must have been the video that have gotten the least "Sam Tsui sucks/is gay" comment ever. Seriously, if you go through the comments, most of them are positive (how unlikely :P) Sam definitely sounds awesome with falsetto!

One thing that bugs me is that Kurt's videos are not getting as much views as before :( Not sure why. So sad. But hope they don't stop making covers and producing originals!

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