Selling Autographed Super Junior SUJU Album - Sungmin

Edit: Item sold!

Sungmin's Autograph

Hey, Heechul :D

Look at Siwon staring right into your soul :x

(: Selling this autographed album. Please leave a comment (remember to state your email!) in this blogpost if you are interested and I will contact you (;

I won this, and I don't really need it although it's nice to keep. If you have any hesitations don't worry, I'll gladly explain to you how I got it :D 

I got it from here (link)


  1. how much it is and what photocard came in the cd?

    1. Hi,

      I'm selling it for RM100. Autographed by Sungmin and photocard is Yesung.

      I have another autographed album, same - Super Junior Mr. Simple (version B) autographed by Ryeowook but no photocard (won from Yahoo!) selling for RM90. Cheaper because no photocard. Thanks. :)

      Let me know if you are interested in getting any one :D

  2. You cand give me the price in dollars please?

    1. It would be around 35USD excluding postage fees. For now, this Sungmin autographed album is sold. I'm left with Ryeowook's one only.