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What has become of our world today where our police chose to ignore a case with evidence presented? Is it true that Malaysia has come to a stage where it is too corrupted that we really have to be seen as a hopeless nation? What has the society become today where the thief/robber is still freely roaming outside when he is already identified? Why there is NO action taken or any investigation that takes place? What disgusts me more are that those people who support his action. And what about the girl that is possessing the phone? Is she not responsible for this matter also? It is no longer the matter of losing a phone because it was stolen. It is the matter of these people that causes harm to others but they are escaping from punishments (that they deserve) and yet these people feel no remorse or regret about their actions but continue to be proud of their evil deeds. It is the matter of bringing justice back to the society and bringing back the freedom to walk and drive on the streets without fear. Restoring this sense of peace that Malaysians have been robbed by this small group of people. It's about why Malaysians can no longer rely on police, law or even constitutions for peace and harmony that all humans deserve.

Read the account of what happened to Patrick Lim below and you'll understand why am I so disappointed and disgusted.


Tomorrow I’m going to have an exam, but due to this matter at hand, I’ve been running around for the whole day. So this would be my last strive, to hope that all my friends, family and all who will be reading this to help me find the culprit who stole my phone. It’s not for me, but for all of us who believe there is still justice in the midst of our society. 

The following would be my encounter during the time of event: 

Yesterday, when I was driving home at Jalan Shamelin which is near PGRM, as I attempted to avoid the incoming motorcycle that just zooms pass me, I unfortunately ramped into some construction barricade. My tyres were stuck between the barricade and the mud within and it was impossible to reverse the car. I was frightened and my first reaction was to get down and survey the condition. However, I forgot that I left my phone on the car seat. In a matter of moments, many good Samaritans (mostly motorists) came by and lend a hand. The first motorist self-volunteered to help me reverse the car. As I thought the location of accident is impossible for one man to drive my car away, I accepted his help without a single doubt in mind and let him took the driver seat. 

In the end, he was just acting in the car by pretending to step on the accelerator. After that, he quickly got out and left the scene in the confusion. Still in a panicked situation, I never noticed that one person had actually left the scene. When I realized that my phone went missing, people around me which includes all three races informed me that the person who helped me just now had already left. I was deeply disappointed and was eventually lost for words to describe it. Already preparing to get a lecture at home, now the situation just got worse. The Galaxy Note that I have used only for a few months was stolen by a cold-hearted person who acts like helping out. 

Do not be mistaken, my article here is not meant for reflecting any race group or to instill any racial issues. It is not to incite hatred. Just last night I have stated in one of my Facebook post saying “During the time of incident when my car was stuck, a group of Malays, Chinese and Indians which is very much 1 Malaysia spirit came to drag my car out of movement impairing mud. Though my phone was stolen by an idiotic person, but the aid of the diverse group managed to clench my anger and also my heartache from the accident. Before I left, I hugged the Malay man who helped the most. I said “Kita memang satu Malaysia.” he even said “Tak per ma, kita Peng You (friend)!!” in mandarin. The next Malay man who helped me out told me not to simply believe anyone who volunteers to drive your car, he also informed me to drive home quickly. 

Therefore, I’m only discussing what really happened. The Malay person who thought he was giving hope actually preyed on my already downcast emotions. He’s really an unscrupulous outlaw with no sense of conscience. On the following day, I was already not expecting anything more but my friend gave me a ring and told me that an Instagram photograph has been uploaded on my Facebook page. The person who took a self-portrait was a Malay girl. I was thinking that my phone was already stolen and yet I do not own any smartphone to use Instagram, who could it be? Put aside help from other parties the truth is already shining as clear as day. 

The Malay man who stole my phone must have given it to his girlfriend (refer to pictures). To make it a laughing stock, this Malay girl actually forgot to sign out from my Instagram account. In so doing, posted a picture of herself onto my profile. 

Without hesitation, I told my friends to share her picture around. Very soon in the afternoon I received a notification from another friend saying an anonymous lady recognizes the girl in the picture. Her name is Ellina Maulad Mahather. I immediately contacted the lady and found out the girl in the picture (Ellina) was actually a previous show girl which helps her to dance and so on so forth. Now she has opened her new shop named “The Empire” dancing studio. The anonymous person gave me Ellina’s number and constantly reminded me to sort the matter out diplomatically and not making it any worse. When I asked regarding Ellina’s address, she said she was unclear but gave me a guy driver’s (Ken) number, asking me to ask him instead. Upon giving my gratitude, I rushed home from college and contacted Ellina, hoping to solve the case by taking back my phone peacefully without interference from the police. 

Tried calling the number for quite a number of times, she did not chose to answer. I SMS-ed her saying I would like my phone back but she played dumb stating she doesn’t know anything and please do not find her that sort of thing. So, without any choice left I called Ken. Sadly, Ken does not even have her address and only said that it’s around Seremban highway Wenworth Hotel. My uncle tried calling again but only received a cold response from the receiver. I asked the receptionist to get “The Empire” dancing studio’s address but she said she was busy and it’s inconvenient. 

Lastly, I resort to reporting the case to the police, bringing along all evidence and proof found. After giving a statement to the police, they replied with the utmost “sorrowful” tone saying “Sorry, This case is not within our district. You should go to Pudu district. The Sergeant in charge of your case is currently busy with another case, and therefore cannot help you investigate. Please return home and wait for our call.”

 Without satisfaction, I push the question by asking “I still have their pictures in my pendrive, I also have the girl’s number, aren’t you guys going to have a look?”The policewoman only gave their standard procedure “I can’t help you” smile. 

It really pissed me off to be treated like a football but I have to show discipline. So I went home and prepared to post their pictures and to notify people about their actions. Now since the authority is turning a deaf ear towards the case, I would have to be rely on myself, and rely on all Facebookers. This man who stole my phone constantly check-in at the places he and his girlfriend went to and also left posts that contains elements of threat. Warning me to be careful and all which I ‘thought’ is a crime towards the general public. 

What is this world becoming? Why people who committed crime have the guts to warn to victim to be careful? Why despite all my evidence, the police are not willing to take responsibility? They can just ignore the evidence? Is losses occurred to the public not important? Is it not worth their effort? I heard that the man had committed repeated crime and has been published in the papers before. Filled with a criminal background, why the police aren’t budging from their most comfortable seat? 

I do not know.

What I do know is that, the Sergeant that is trying to save the world has not given me a call. This will be my last effort to do what I must. In the middle of exams and all together with a lost phone life still continues. I would prefer to spend time together with the people I cherish and love. It would be much better than giving trouble to everyone to share things on Facebook.Although I do not know each and every one of you who helped me, I would like to give my thanks to you.There are things which can be repeated, things which can be bought again, but there is only one life which does not allow any take two.

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