Attempted Kidnap, Rape and Robbery at The Curve

Has anyone not yet read this account that happened at The Curve last weekend? (link).

For the past 1 week, I had lost count how many articles and stories I read on social media related to rape, robbery, snatch thieves and attempts of trying to rob people on the road even. Of course, social media is good at these things. One story goes viral and all the others pop up one after another. Same thing with every other issues.

But..all these stories sparks up fear. I don't feel safe in my country. I don't even feel safe in my home sometimes because of what had happened back in 2008. To think that as a girl, I'm even more vulnerable to all these compared to a guy. So, over the past few nights, I've been thinking of how I could protect myself from these incidents..or how I would react when I encounter them. (See? I even picture myself in these situation because in this time, this kind of things could happen to ANYONE).

I was thinking I should get a weapon like some heavy sticks to put at home. Carry pepper sprays and what not. But then I thought. What if these evil people have knives or parangs? That's gone case for me isn't it? As I continue to think.. I don't think there's a solution for me. I can only hope. Even as crimes continue to grow (and I don't see how things may improve from here), the only solution for me is dependence on God because He is Jehovah Nissi. He is my Protector because no one else could protect me anymore other than Him. I come to realize, even as we are surrounded by people with evil intentions, no one shall come near us.

Every night I pray, God, you protect my family and friends. Keep everyone safe and sound. Cause unrest to those with evil intention so that they will never ever intend to harm others. I can only cling on to His promises.

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