Video of the Week: Criminal Minds Season 7 Finale - "Hit" "Run"

If you know me well, I'm a big big biggggggggg fan of Criminal Minds.. and it's the only series that I follow up till now. So I'm not gonna share the link to the video in case the channel gets banned :O But if you want, you can ask me for the link I'll personal message you. Teehee.

The video features the last 1 and half hours of my life without Criminal Minds until September (at least) and this would also be one of the last few times I'll be seeing Paget Brewster on the show. Yes, "Emily Prentiss" is leaving the show. Nuuuu.

What I love about Criminal Minds is not just about how "cool" investigation takes place, but that each character has their own story to share.. and some cases really features some interesting unsubs.

Sob. Hopes season 8 comes quickly. Go watch, search it! It's kinda easy to find. Otherwise just email me :D Prepare some tissues if you are a Criminal Minds fan because the ending is rather... SAD T_T~

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