The First Week

Hey you. You, the one reading this. I can't believe you're still visiting my blog *cries*. You know, sometimes the only motivation for me to update this blog is really because I want my visitors to continue visiting this blog. No, jokes. Visitor counts and earning aside, blogging has been a great outlet to write whatever I want. It's a great avenue to write anything I want (but of course nowadays, I don't write anything I want like how I used to a few years ago -_-).

I bet you've noticed the lack of update on this blog already. How pathetic. I attended orientation last week and I have already begun classes since Monday. Oh my gosh. Time flies isn't it? The first week of degree is going to an end. I'm taking 3 subjects this short semester. It's my first short semester. People say it's challenging taking 3 subjects in a short semester. I see why. Everything is so rushed. I already have 2 assignments that's gonna be due in the next 2 weeks. Whut? 10 pages. My gosh. It's time to really put crapping skills into use...Buahaha..

For those who have been asking. I'm actually studying Mass Comm now. Taking Intro toComm, Social and Business Comm and Sociology. For now, I'm having mixed feelings. Some of the things I'm learning in these classes are being repeated because I've already learn them in foundation. That makes me really sleepy in class. But these subjects are really interesting really, take for example Intro to Comm. Lecturer is from India (with rather thick Indian slang heh :P) and his classes is mostly very interactive and in his classes so far, we've been discussing about media and mass media.. and I'm really interested in topics like the new media, I rike. For Sociology, I've always been interested in Psychology and in Sociology, there are some elements I've found quite similar and interesting. Even the part where lecturer was introducing the pioneers Sociology like Auguste Comte and Karl Marx ..very interesting.. Social and Business Comm is a bit sien so far.. Anyway, I haven't really found friend(s) that I can clique with T^T. Sadly. Ironic, because most people study Mass Comm are extroverts. Whut. Lol.

Well besides college, I'm currently trying to improve my photography skills. Using 50mm lens now. My shaky hands sucks trying to survive without VR. Still playing around with this although I know 35mm would be a better lens to play with compared to 50mm. And my kits' VR is having problems. Emo.

Gah, I should be starting my assignments. See you soon! 

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