So.... degree starts tomorrow. I have not receive any letter from HELP. So apparently some people already had gotten their letter about the completion of foundation. But.. no letters for me! :( Anyway, degree starts tomorrow. Degree starts TOMORROW! And I'm so unprepared. I don't know what to expect. I hate going through the process of new environment AGAIN. Alamak. I think next time I'm going to be those fellas that work 20 years in a company. Ngek. Okay, so I have adapted to this "college lifestyle".. I know when I first got into college I was whining about how long the hours that I had to spend in college. But now I've gotten used to it. How to say? And I think I'm going to abandon this blog again very soon.. so there goes my unique counts. Oh oh..

Oh ya, you know I was complaining about not getting ICS for my S2 the other day? Then I found out a few days later Samsung already updated Kies to allow Singapore units upgrade to ICS. YES!!! Yeah, my S2 is from SG because I won it and the organizers got the S2 from SG. Yay! So finally, my S2 is operating on doesn't lag but the apps keep crashing lately. Mann.. But still, I think the battery lasts longer now.

BTW I came across this video. Genius! Haha.. and I totally agree with what this guy have to say!

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