I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! Yeah, I'm free since last Saturday. Finished my last paper and my holidays is hereee! So thankful for the break. Two days of the week gone but I can't remember what I did these past 2 days. But I guess I was productive enough. And guess what?! I got myself a new PC! T_________T FINALLY! Rejoice! Was previously using a computer with Pentium4 processor, Windows XP, 516mb RAM. Are you kidding me. Now, I'm using i5, Windows 7, 8gb RAM. Hurhur. Using a computer never felt this good.

That aside, I have approximately another 2 more weeks of holidays only. It's sad -_-! A few contests going on, including producing videos. :O I'm not the best videographer nor the best scriptwriter nor the best producer but I'm thinking of joining 2 video contests..including one that requires to be a PSA video. I have some ideas but it's hard to execute hurhur. And I don't have the skills for video editing. Omigosh.

And wait, I remembered I said I have a lot of things to do for this holidays.. but I haven't seem to do anything about my plans.. except one or two.. Oops. I better stick to what I want to complete first before joining these contest stuffs. On the other hand, I actually made a video for a Logitech contest a few months back. And it was good because I was rewarded in the end. Teehee. Here's the video. Ya, I know it's lame but my friend said it brought some kind of message still. Thanks for your kind words, friend :D

Please ignore my hiao face at the end of the video :D

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