Video of the Week: MY Generation 2011 vs MY GENERASI

I guess most of our fellow Malaysians would have already watched MY GENERASI video by JinnyboyTV thats bring "nostalgic" feeling as said by everyone. The MY GENERASI video even came out in the newspaper today in page 3. If you haven't watch it yet, here's the (link). Coincidentally, I watched another video this week that I also find interesting: MY Generation 2011.

Description form YouTube:  A simple short film which made its debut at Festival de Cannes in 2011. MY Generation follows the vision of a girl who, despite everything looks forward to a better tomorrow. She gives her perspectives on life and how she wishes the world to be. At the end the the audience realizes this is how she perceives life through her thoughts using her imagination. The core of the story takes a deeper look into Malaysian society and how the younger generation sometimes are shut away and put down. This film is about hope, life and how we tend to overlook the finer things in our journeys. The end is open to interpretation as everyone will take back something, each different from the other as different people relate to different points in the film.

So, I thought this video is worth sharing, really. Personally, this video does not show the the best editing skills nor the best filming and I think that some of lines in the narration could somewhat be very cliche but there are a still few lines from the video that I thought should also provoke some thinking in us - "Belle lived a very simple live, but she was happy. now, that's important" "My generation is killing our culture"

I cannot agree more with the sentence "My generation is killing our culture". What happen to respect? What happen to accountability? What happen to integrity? These values are slowly and surely leaving homes, especially the homes of the modern families. While MY GENERASI video is a nice video to watch to remind us of our happier times and (most children before the 90s could relate to), there is much more to that. Like, why children these days are no longer finding happiness in simpler life? We should really do some thinking sometimes. :)

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