Video of the Week: Britney Spears Medley - Sam Tsui

Well, the King of Medley/Mash Up is back with a 14 songs mash up! :D It's Britney, *tutttt*. It's been a very loooong time since Sam's last medley. Man, I've watched this video everyday and still not bored of it yet.

Kan dah sah, I LOVE SAM TSUI. :P

The 14 tracks listed below: 

1. Crazy
2. Oops!... I did it again
3. Baby One More Time
4. Stronger
5. Toxic
6. Womanizer
7. Circus
8. I'm a Slave for You
9. 3 
10. Piece of Me
11. Hold it Against Me
12. Gimme More
13. Till The World Ends
14. I Wanna Go

Though it's very much auto tuned especially in some parts of the video, who cares. I like it. *biased*. Teehee.

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