These string of A's. Does it matter?

Best results in 5 years. Isn't that headline seems to be far too familiar? It's always the same headline for any announcement of results for any major exams in Malaysia. While our DPM had recently announced that Malaysia's education system is ranked 14th in whole world and 2nd for Asian country, I kinda doubt the research. I was discussing this matter with my family about this issue and then I came across a video by MalaysiaKini. 

Hah, dodgy! Well, this always happen in Malaysia. So folk, always question what is the report really about. Find out what is the basis of the report, how was it conducted, who conducted it, where, what was asked. All this is crucial to determine how much truth does the claims made by our ministers hold. Apply some CTS here.. Cheh wah. But, you know lah, how credible are our ministers in general.

On the other hand, a blogpost by a fellow blogger also went viral this week relating to SPM. Read the full story here (link). I do not entirely agree with everything he has got to say, but I do agree with some of the things that he said. Trust me, a lot of people would want to be in his position - to obtain that string of A's. Why not? Honestly, I would want that string of A's but I didn't anyway :P. Some people study day and night but still they are not able to get the results that they wanted, and they wonder why. And some people even hate themselves for it.

Since SPM results was released about 1-2 weeks ago, I've seen comments from two sides - one side that applauds good results; and the other - bad results does not mean the end of the world and looks at the success stories of those who never did well for SPM but is doing well in life. While I believe and fully agree that results does not determine your future, it still affects what you are going to do next. Although we, Malaysians would know what is the standard of our Ed. system and the increasing number of A's each year because of the low standard, let us not discredit those who still managed to get the string of A's. I believe, even if the A's they obtained are not up to the standard that it should, but these students still deserve credit for doing well in spm. Not everyone is able to achieve such results if they are not able to exercise their "smartness" because they are being lazy (since some argue that even without effort, some are still able to score) or if they are not hardworking/determined enough. I believe these students who excelled have also put in their own share of effort. That being said, the same kind of credit should also be given to those who put similar effort even if they have "failed". We applaud the effort, not the results though the results are actually a bonus but as we know, not everyone is capable to obtain A's and A's and A's.

Essentially, there are a few kind of students : 
1 - Those who are "born smart" - as people say it :P
2 - Your average achiever
3 - Those who study day and night and managed to get the results they want
4 - Those who study day and night but still hardly pass
5 - Those who are not interested at all

I believe after studying for years and years, we would really know what kind of student are we. Anyway.. back to the 2 views. The 2 views actually create a very fine line. So now, those who are lazy would give themselves excuse for being lazy and not doing the best that they can since they heard so many success stories. On the other extreme, some would push themselves further and further beyond their own capabilities. Dilemma?

Let us not overquote Bill Gates. "I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.: Bill Gates may be a "school drop out" but I would believe that he is a nerd. Nerd in the things that he loved and had interest in - computers. 

But realistically speaking, how many Bill Gates can you find in this world? Success stories like these are impressive but not everyone are able to achieve such high success. Results are part of success. But more to it, success usually comes from our character, our attitude, our values and not only results (be it results in terms of academic, or making a name for yourself, or excelling in other areas of your life). But then again, how do we define success right? That's a whole other story.

Some are contented as long as they are able to find food on the table to feed their family. At the end of the day, it is up to us to determine whether what we are doing it worth it or not. Whether to study to chase after success or just stay mediocre and be contented. It is really entirely up to us. And I say, why not be mediocre and contented or why not study and be the best that we can, as long as we are happy. And we make that choice ourselves.

To the writer of the blogpost, I'm assuming that he thinks that the effort and the things he went through was not worth it for SPM. But I bet he feels it is all worth it if he is doing it for his dreams/passion, isn't it?

Bottom line - there should be a balance. Work hard and enjoy life at the same time! Of course, working hard seems to be a lot easier when we do it for the things/people we love. I believe we should be our best in everything we do and you know your own abilities. But there is no need to strive. It's not the end of the world when we fail sometimes. Afterall, things don't go our way every single time. And if things going on are a hassle and it gives a unnecessary stress, perhaps we should just sit back think again why are we doing it and what are we doing it for. In today's world, there is too much going on, too much competition that we lack the time to sit back and reflect but we kept doing, doing and doing.

So the question that we should ask ourselves today in whatever that we are doing each day - Is it worth it? Are you happy?

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