Nicholas Sparks - The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks writes the best romantic novels. I mean, I love his style of writing. Storyline wise, it may be a lil cliche but the way he writes make you keep reading. Of course, almost all if not all the novels have a happy ending tho in reality not every story will end up as a fairy tale.

A couple of books written by Nicholas Sparks were made into movies, and these movies are not that bad. Just to name a few.. Let's see...

Take The Notebook for example. 

Or. A Walk To Remember, anyone?

Perhaps, Dear John?

Or The Lucky One, which is coming to the cinemas soon? 

Honestly when I read The Lucky One, I have never pictured Logan to be portrayed by someone like Zac Efron. And to think that Zac Efron who played as the lengzai Troy in High School Musical could take up such a manly character in this movie? Fuih. And come to think of it Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and Zac Efrons are very nice to watch on screen. And I think people like Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum have established themselves as pretty good romantic film actors. 

Books written by Nicholas Sparks are good. The movies based on his books aren't that bad either right? :D 

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