I'm missing. I'm missing you. Two sentences, made a difference by a word.

Very very busy for the past 1 month and will be busy until mid April. I'm halfway into finishing my assignments and presentations, I just want to get over it. Getting marks I'm not expecting is demotivating.. Just when I needed the least, at least a credit for all subjects this semester, things seems to be falling apart. Okay, maybe it's kinda exaggerated here :1 it's not like I fail anything and in comparison I didn't do very bad either.. It's just.. Not enough :( I need a credit for all subjects this sem to qualify for a lil scholarship for first year. Better than nothing. Really. Ugh. Credit was the lowest I got for the last 2 semesters, and it wasn't really that hard.. It's just that I don't have the confidence. Lecturers commenting on courseworks and presentations makes me anxious. Though they haven't give us back the marks but from the feedbacks, I know I haven't done well enough to get enough marks.. And that feeling sucks. I've done enough for the first 2 sems, I hoped it's enough for me this sem too.. :( And I hate Moral Studies. I MUST mention that here. Ugh.

I'm missing my friends. Friends I made over the past few years. Of course we've all moved in our own lives. But yeah, I miss them :'( I really miss the days chatting away on MSN and there's no need for stalking on FB. :( Sigh.
Sorry, it's just midweek rant.

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