Earth Hour happening really soon. It's 31st March today! And today, I woke up as a zombie, and felt like I ran a thousand miles this morning. Joke. We (YPF) had our very own Running Man this morning all thanks to Hannah and her team for organizing. Ran and chased each other though most of the time I was walking. No stamina. Urgh. When was the last time I was running, or do sports even? Weather was being unkind as usual, as it was drizzling and cloudy but thank God it didn't like rainnnn. Somebody is really unhappy with YPFers going for outing huh? I remembered the last time we went for cycling, super heavy rain. It ALWAYS happen, I wonder why. Maybe someone needs to stop singing in the shower early in the morning? Teehee.

Oh yes, Earth Hour really soon right? I used to be a strong believer in all these events and super semangat like "YEAH MAN! I WANNA MAKE A DIFFERENCE!" Now, Ms. Skeptical me decides that when I need light, the lights will stay on. I mean, everyday I will try and off all unnecessary lights/fans/anything running with electricity/water. It takes more than just one day, or ONE HOUR to make a difference don't you think? The thing is, events like these are too mainstream. What I mean is, I don't wanna hop into this bandwagon just because I want to be part of this big thing that is happening.

Almost every page that I liked in Facebook is participating and joining this Earth Hour - so it gotta be big. It's also a marketing plan doncha think? But I believe it's a good step to bring out awareness. But to bring a change for the better, awareness is one thing, taking action is another. Just like BERSIH 2.0. The demonstrations are an act of bringing awareness. Taking action - voting - is another. So if you gonna take part in Earth Hour, my take is, do it in every other day of your life. Stop switching on your air-con all night long unnecessarily!