I'm going to meet Wong Fu !

Tomorrow would be the first assessment for the semester. Two quizzes on the same day. Yep. Next up would be plenty of assignments due dates and such. It's week 5 here but nothing is progressing. Nothing. I mean in terms of assignment. I'm kinda worried. I mean this semester is not as hectic as last semester I guess.. but nothing is progressing. Sigh*

On another note, January was really kind to me. And guess what? I'm going to meet (have lunch with) Wong Fu this Sunday! I can't say I'm their biggest fan, but I think this is a really great opportunity. Don't know them? You gotta google them out then :)

Okay. Got to study. Oh ya, how's CNY again? No more feel already. But fireworks still going on as I type this...

Till then :)

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