Just let me vent out my frustration here. Anger level maximum. Just experience road rage. On the turning out from Tesco, our car didn't stop and went ahead, then a car, WHO SAW US  press oil accelerate maximum and behsong cause we went ahead and he had to brake. After that he chased us, and showed middle finger several times while shouting in Malay. So, I'm all fired up it's not even our fault and why the road bully man? So immature for him to show the middle finger and threatening us. So, I just reached out to my phone and want to snap his picture and his vehicle. He was beside us now, and he saw what I was doing. Now, he think I was threatening him. So he took out his phone and tried to snap us. I don't know if he did but I didn't manage to because phone response slow -_- Reason I want to take his picture is to blacklist him of course, and in my mind I was thinking of using the picture for police report. It would be convenient if there's a online site to report on road bullies too bad there's no online portal to report such cases. And also, he shouted MATI KAU. And while he tried to snap our picture, he wasn't really looking infront, THANKFULLY HE DIDNT BANG ANYONE RIGHT? If not, it would be funny. Ya, so he kept following us until we almost reach our destination but he didn't follow us after that. I assume he should be living around Bandar Tasik Selatan. AND ALSO, his wife(a female was beside him, I shall assume is the wife) was looking, innocently but she said nothing, I assume. Walao, should I pity her for such a husband or blame her for not saying anything? I DONT KNOW.

Pray for safety because he might just come around and dig and find us to gangster us THOUGH IT'S NOT EVEN OUR FAULT MAN. Watch out guys. -_- Watch out for cars with WKJ lol coz I googled and found out another car with WKJ carplate is also a road bully -_-

Thanks to people like this, I just feel like being racist. Seriously. BUT, I must (shall) think rationally. Chinese also act the same way, so it just does not justify. But encountering this kinda situation really make people's prejudices increase. Now, I understand why the deep racial tension.

I'm still angry.