Day 1 of Sem 3

Last semester of foundation! Cheh wah, super confident I won't be extending sem. Calculated my CGPA today for foundation, and in order to get 6.1/7 I need to get all HDs this semester :( Quite impossibru. Just checked my subject course outline too. Gonna have a 2.5k words group report for human comm. OMG. I hope it turns out well. And as for business, I'll get to run my own business and write a report for that. All these carry good marks. Statistics was dead boring, and the lecturer memang got bad reputation dy. But what to do, can't change class dy. I hope all turns out well. Tuesday is the most dreaded day for this sem. Gah, I went to college for 8am class but class ended after 10 minutes -_-' My next class was 12.30. I managed to survived and rotted for so long. Day was really boring nak mampusssss. Arghh. I hope things turn out more interesting like last semester. Okies. Day ended well, I won a late Christmas present. Feels good :D

Tired for today. Toodles :)