If there was one thing you can undo in your life what is it? Just a random thought. Over the past few weeks, I have been pretty busy with college and will be busy for the next few weeks. And in all this business, it's easy that we just lived by the day, worry about tomorrow but our living is just mere existence. Could it be, than we were meant for more? Obviously yes. But I don't see that coming so far..

But I was taken aback when I got to know how God had put people into such difficult situations to really change them inside out, remove all kinds of stubbornness and eventually, they became happier. I guess sometimes we all just need a tight slap on the face before we realize what's more important to use, and we need God to interfere in that sense. Really, I am so amazed by the works of His hands. And even as I look back, perhaps what happened last year did not make any sense but it made  perfect sense now. That God sees we don't find happiness in the things that are happening and we strive to make things better. God will put us in a more difficult situation where He would pluck us out and we give up finally, not being stubborn anymore.

I guess without God we can never never go far..

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