Updates #14 - Did I Just

Abandon my blog? Did I just abandon my blog? NO WAY. Actually kinda. Been busy with college ever since semester started. I'm not that busy busy. But always have something occupying my time. And now with two research paper, presentations and midterms coming up, I can't afford to slack already can I? October and November is like the peak of all peaks. College and life likewise. Going off to two places next month. Exciting indeed.

Something nice came and something not-so-nice happened. Still kinda sad about it. But what can I do? Anyways, I have a lot of pictures to share. To even blog about. Come to think of it, I haven't make a proper post about Korea, have I? And it's been almost ONE YEAR. Hurhur. I'm so gonna be a pro procrastinator in blogging. O: sigh. Will blog, when I feel like it and when I have time. Teehee. :)

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