Ever since I got my DSLR back in August, I've been practicing a lot, trying to learn new stuffs and what not. :] Haven't got much chance to shoot outdoor photography though. Will be waiting for that chance. And looks like the chance is coming..

YES! Pitbull is coming to Malaysia this December! Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon! Outdoor photography it is :D Woohoo. And the best part? Digi is giving out an official photographer pass to the concert! ZOMG. That is like the best ever thing that happens if I got it!

And WHY should Digi give me the pass? Simply cause I love photography and I believe passion is the thing that matters. Capturing the best moments in life is my passion :)

I also have a Nikon D5100 in hand, though it might not be the best equipment around but I can make do with what I have :) Here's some of the shots from Nikon D5100 :)

Brian Joo and Alexander in 3rd Wave, not too long ago :)

The union between two couples, wedding :)

Children - a joy to life

Family and celebrations :)

And I was given the chance to take attend a music concert not too long ago. And this is probably my best shot taken so far :)

No edits at all! :)

Getting the pass would really be a lifetime experience that money can't buy and I promise to have a great time in the concert while shooting Pitbull up close. My, that feeling of just imagining that I'm here, all the hype, all the adrenaline rush. Ah, it just overwhelms me now :P

Well, that's not all. Besides getting the photographer pass, there's also a few pairs of passes that are up for grabs! Want to know how to get it? Head on to Digi's webpage here! (link). It's easy and simple. Not only can you win the passes to watch Pitbull live, you could also win passes for Meet and Greet!! ZOMG. Life is just awesome with Digi :)

Courtesy of Nuffnang and Digi, now I stand a chance to have the chance to watch Pitbull aka Mr Worldwide live! Yay! You can too, join now here! (link)

As Pitbull sings, I know you want me, You know I want cha! I wan youuuuuu, passes :)