Transformers Book and Graphic Novel and Updates

Okay, initially I wanted to blog about something else. But let's just move on to what I want to blog now :P After 3 weeks of waiting, finally the Transformers book I won was delivered to my house last week. Yay! I like winning and getting the stuffs couriered. Won it the book from Facebook competition somewhere in July. Haven't wrapped the book yet and haven't started reading. Should probably do that soon.

On the other hand, I have achieved what I wanted for the past 2 years! :D If you haven't know, I've gotten my very first DSLR :) Nikon D5100, so I guess I would be using that to shoot pictures from now. It's has been my dream to own one and finally got my hands on one on the 6th August 2011 :D (told you I have something with dates). I've been saving for the past 2 years, especially last year with my earnings with several online communities, selling stuffs, etc. Managed to saved enough and mum brought me to buy it after much persuasion XD. Mum paid on my behalf, I haven't asked her about the money yet since it's in the bank, maybe I'll ask her later when she's home.

So yes, been shooting around and learning how to use a dslr. Very different from compact. Although I can actually use point-and-shoot using DSLR but that defeats the purpose right? O: And liveview also eats up battery. Tsktsk. Before buying, I did some survey and learnt a lot of photography jargon mainly from Wesley. So now, I roughly know some photography jargon like aperture, shutter speed, bokeh etc. Never knew all these until these year. What the crap right? O:

By the way, anyone noticed the watermark I made? Kinda lame :( Anyone got suggestion what fonts or what watermark should I make? O; I don't really like to use "photography" but don't know what else to use. XD!

Okie dokes, drop by more often. I've transferred a couple of pictures so I will probably be very hardworking and update again soon! :D

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