For me, nothing is more encouraging than to see another brother or sister testifying of their new-found passion in Christ. It's a joy to see how much a person can grow in such a short time. From the way they talk, from they way they think, definitely from the way they act. The question still lingers in my mind: Believer or disciple? One can be a Christian for such a long time, yet heart and life still unchanged? Why? Simply because they refuse to be a disciple. I will remember what I learnt in BK, discipleship is costly. Discipleship requires two parties, one who is willing to be disciple and another to disciple. Why is the church lacking in disciples? Could it be that there is no willing disciple? Or could it be there is no one to disciple them? A question to think of.

Last year's trip to Korea was indeed one of the most amazing experience in my life. One of the happiest moments in life. Thank God for a good tour, and also a good tour guide. Our tour guide was a Christian of 4 years, but he spoke to us and testify among us (there were non-believers too) as if he has been a Christian for his lifetime. I was really deeply encouraged by him.

Then comes, a sister who has been showing her deep passion about the things that is in her heart. Deeply encouraged. Who would have thought that the person who shunned away at first would became part of this big family? And my heart breaks for those who refuse to listen, or just merely rejecting Christ's love for them. Christian? Yes. But lack of belief. Just like anyone else, we have a choice. We have a choice whether to accept Christ in our lives. We have a choice to change and be part of a greater purpose in life. We have the choice whether to believe that we are indeed good enough for God, we are made righteous in Christ aren't we? And even if we are not good enough, God still loves us nevertheless. How good is ever good enough? Just like how much money is ever enough? Never. The world tells us we are never good enough. There will be always someone who is better than us. Someone who will have more than us materially. Are we going to give up on ourselves because we doubt it? Because we want instant results. But yet we know that nothing comes easy don't we? We only know how to adapt to negative values of the world. We don't know how to use the positive ones. It's hard to set apart from the world because we've stepped too deeply into it. And definitely, we need someone to pull us out. But do we want to stretch forth our hands and admit, yes, I need help? I need help and I need and want to be out of this. Or are we going to sink in deeper and continue to let our own emotions drown us down simply because we refuse due to our pride? Pride, my friend is the root cause of many conflicts and problems. Not because we are not good enough. Simply because we refuse to be better when we can be. The choice is ours. Make up your mind.

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