So this is the story. After I went for dinner in Renaissance, after cutting cake, I went up to change and was preparing to go online. I was in college since morning till evening. Then came back went straight for dinner after awhile. Did I mention I also had my English oral presentation on my birthday? O: And I didn't do very well and was kinda sad. Nuuu, I suck at English nowadays. I gotta improve :( Brush up public speaking T.T Brush up, must be more spontaneous. And must pick the right topic. Darn. Okay, back to story.

So I changed already. Hit the button to start the laptop upstairs. Heard the house bell ringing but didn't bother. Then my sisters ask me come down see something about BERSIH. LOL. 2 days after Bersih mah. So anyway, came down. And voila. Hoong Fong, Akijay and Vivian was standing at my door holding a cake.

First word I said was "ewwwwwwwwwww" HAHAHAHA. /slaps self. In times like this, very paiseh one loh. O: So, I didn't know what to say. *shy shy Anyway, thank youuuuuuuuuu for coming over and thank you for the cake ;] Really feel very appreciated hahaha =) <3

Thank you so much! :) BTW, anyone saw my YELLOW pants? -___________-'' Home clothes. And I purposely changed back my blouse LOOOOL. Underdressed -__-''

Hurhurhur. Stole all these picture from : Akijay's blog (link). 
Go visit her blog man. She's super artistic :P


Also! Want to thank you for all those who wished me especially via sms and remembers my birthday! :D And also thank you Iyee for the cake ;'] 


On a sidenote, I've renewed with money O: So, stick around for another year :]

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