Updates #13 - HELP Matriculation Centre (HMC) Leadership Camp 2011

I'm gonna talk about the worst camp of my life, I repeat the WORST. Yes, I'm so jealous, so not satisfied that I went to Genting and not the other camps. March intake students were split into 3 different camp groups - Bukit Tinggi, Gopeng and Genting. And Genting was the most pathetic one. Yes, we had a kind of proper place to stay, maybe a fresher air, but in all other aspects, it sucks.

We had almost a total of 11 hours of talks, like a seminar and only less than 4 hours of outdoor activities. And our outdoor activities was just mainly finding clues around. THAT's ALL. While the other camps did 11 hours of outdoor activities, ranging from group games, water rafting and more! And they only have a maximum of 2 hour session for talks. Totally sucks. Was on the brink of being bored to death seriously. And then, about 2/3 of people also got food poisoning! I tell you it was horrible.

The toilets and sinks were clogged. It was dusty everywhere. So typical Malaysian place. OMG. Why such a horrible management?

And I hate one of the speakers for the stupid talk. All the was talking was about money money and money. Success = money. Some brainwash session. Hello? Money is not everything. I decided to google him up when I was back from camp. Guess what? He's from money tree corp. NO WONDER. Whatever.

I hated the session because of his emphasis on certain things that I totally do not agree with. I hate it when people always associate success with money. You may be poor, have nothing in material form, but you are still successful if you manage to build a home of comfort for your family. Like it or not, not everyone can be rich! No matter what all these motivation speakers tell you: how much you can do if you are determined, some people are just not meant to be rich. So just freaking accept the fact..

Blablabla. Actually there's more, but I don't want to say anymore. Forget it. After all it's like a month past already I think. :P Don't simpan dendam. BUT I STILL FEEL UNFAIR. Because everyone says HMC Leadership Camp is like very fun. All I got was boredom. Argh.

I hope other intakes won't suffer the same thing. :( I'm sad

*This is an overdue post. Hehe.

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