Thrill3r Project: Riverboarding

On July 16th, I managed have this chance to go to riverboarding at Gopeng. This is organized by Jack N' Jill Roller Coaster and I was one of lucky 10 who got chosen to join them, much thanks to :D And also I can bring one friend along, and I brought Lulu along. :D I mean, Tse Ling XD

Gathered at Centrepoint, journeyed there in two separate vans and reached Gopeng, the area for riverboarding around say...10? The equipments and stuffs were in Adeline's Villa. Kinda nice place.

I'm so round. T^T. Yes, I realize that. That's like the full equipment minus the board itself. Changing into these took time because first of all, the overall was like painfully tight! Takes times to pull it, skin to skin tight. Next, they have to make sure we wore it right. So they actually helped us to "wear" those safety jackets, helmets and choose the right sizes for us. Oh, the shoe was painfully tight too T^T. After wearing the suit for 5 minutes, be prepared to feel like as if you're in a sauna. YES, I'm not exaggerating -.-'

Tse Ling :D

After the changing of the equipments part, we rode on a truck to go to the riverside. Immediately, we were asked to go into the river and start our adventure. In order to finish the adventure, survival skills is very important. Basically, it was a VERY bumpy ride for me. :( And I nearly drown. Sorry folks, those wishing that I would not come back, sorry I came back in one piece. XD Water sports is really not my thing, and I can't even swim. :( I have some kind of water-phobia goodness me, but I wonder why I still wanted to go for riverboarding. Honestly, I was quite hesitant to join this activity in the first place but thinking that it was a free trip and also might be my once in a lifetime chance to experience this, might as well just appreciate this opportunity :P

Back to the story where I was nearly drowned :x I'm one of the weakest person in the team.. I was rushed away by the current each time, much thanks to my low level of intelligence in body movement -_-'' And also there were very huge rocks around and I banged into them -_- Besides the experience, I got back a very big bruise at my pelvic bone and even my butt was hurting -_-''


Me and the angmoh instructor, who saved me from drowning. Wuwuwu. Thank you for saving my life. I am deeply grateful. Well, hahaa. He was a very professional instructor.

Well due to safety reasons, 20 of us were divided into 2 groups. So, I was in the first group. It took close to 2 hours to complete the first lap of the whole riverboarding adventure. Then, those who wanted to go for the 2nd lap can go ahead, while others can rest. I stayed back because I was like going crazy half-way through the first lap and feeling like dying already because I was so "traumatized" after almost drowning XD Tse Ling went ahead, took close to another 1 hour to finish the lap too. By the end of it, we're almost K.O dy.

However, since we're group no.1, we were given time to rejuvenate. LOL. We waited for 4 hours for group 2 to finish like how they waited for us. Four hours without phone line, wifi or anything really kills. XD Most of us just slacked around while waiting to kill time. Tse Ling studied cause that week she was having finals. I managed to sleep off for about 30 minutes. Then continue to stoned and walk around, slacked and killed more time. Kinda torturing, but I guess this gives us the chance that we needed to be calm and just enjoy nature. The Adeline's villa was really shady and we only get to hang around in the makan area. But it was not too bad, at least we get to sit around and sleep if we wanted to :P

Anyway, two of the guys from our team went to makan durian at the kampung because they were bored too. It was kinda far away, they borrowed motors from the owner I guess. XD Then, they actually brought back durians for us to eat! LOL. Tse Ling and I were so happy to feast on them :P And guess what? They say they only paid RM3. HAHAH. Nice weh. Durians for RM3 O: Anyway, just wanna say thank you to the 2 Malay chaps :) They were reallly nice peeps :D

Other highlight of this trip to Riverboarding was... we only left for KL at 9pm O: goodness. Supposed to leave at 6pm but got delayed :( Well, in exchanged, we got a ride on the truck into the town area and experienced the feel of being inside a PSP. XD. It was dark and on the way out, it was windy and the driver was like speeding cause it was late. LOL. There were many trees around and everytime we were approaching, we managed to duck in time. And it was drizzlingggg, added oomph to the experience. LOL. It was really fun until the rain got a lil heavy and our face started to hurt O: XD

So yeah, we reached KL before the clock struck 11. -_- the van driver was really like speeding at 110-130 km/h the whole journey. I noticed there were huge trailers around the road hogging the fast lane. Goodness, move to the left lane please heavy vehicles -_-''

Ah well, tees from Jack N' Jills and I think they distributed goodie bags. We didn't get it cause we left early XD. I stole this picture off pictures ;x Sorry. Photo credits back to you guys :D This was part of the people that went for the trip together with us. Some left early like us too cause it was like really late dy. I reached home at 12. O:

Overall, it was a good experience. Enjoyed myself and it's enough I experience this just once. XD Once is good enough :P

Sorry, no pictures from me, and none from the riverboarding part because our camera were not waterproofed. And all photo credits to Tse Ling and last one from :D

A huge shoutout to for inviting me for this trip and am very proud to be part of this community! :DD

Lastly, take a look at this video made by one of guy from my group that day :)