For a long time now, if you have noticed, my blog hasn't really contained much words as compared to my first two years in blogging. When I started blogging, this space has always been a place of rant, a place of pouring out feelings, at that moment at that time when I write.

And I find myself smiling and laughing whenever I read back the old posts. It may be silly, maybe even stupid at the point of time when I wrote it, but what I wrote was from my heart and mind.. without much filter of course. I stopped writing too much personal stuffs on my blog because I find myself being wreckless in the things I wrote. I only wrote about things that I felt personally, and because I am impulsive and emotional at that very moment and time of sadness or anger, I tend to write things that may hurt others because of my choice of words. And I also realize the danger of expressing too much on a space that is open for all. And that's the point I have took off the whole idea of writing personal thoughts.

But, as much as I have been filtering my thoughts and words in blogging in the past 1 year or so, I truly missed the very reason I have started blogging. To just write for myself, and not for anyone else. I have always love penning down thoughts, positive or negative. And likewise, typing out thoughts have of course been much easier than "writing" writing.

And so, I will be back pretty soon :)

I miss having the spirit of a true blogger.