I like Nippon Paint because I'm crazy about colours!

You know how people say a picture paint a thousand words? But if the picture is plain boring black and white, you won't pay much attention to it isn't it? That's why Picasso is such a famous artist because he used so much colours in his painting!

Pablo Picasso, Girl Before a Mirror. Oil on canvas, 1932. Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Source : (link)

That's why most of us enjoy nature views because there's so much beauty in colours. I'm totally crazy about colours. But, living in an urban area means I don't really have much nature view here. I'm stuck inside my house most of the time when I'm not out.

And, I'm so tired of staring at my boring purple wall in my room now. After almost 6 years I'm stuck with this pathetic purple purposeless (hey, a tongue twister!) wall, I really want to have a make over for my room.

Well, it's a good timing now that Nippon Paint is offering 3 lucky Nuffnangers to make over their room. Argh! Pick me pick me!  

I'm smiling here. Pick meeeeee! See my dull pathetic purple purposeless wall behind there? Certainly need a make over! I want a make over on the walls there :(

I like Nippon Paint because it's 

N - Nice and trendy. Nippon Paint has got a ColourTrend feature in their website which offers you a series of colours that are "hot" selections. Bet you only thought trends only applies for fashion (or twitter?). Go check it out, ColourTrend 2011 by Nippon Paint! (link)

I - Incomplete. How can a house be complete without Nippon?! You can have fancy decorations and furnitures but with a empty blank wall, you'll never learn to love your home enough. Nippon offers not only beautiful colours for the paints, but also great services. All walls should be painted with Nippon Paint if possible :P

P - Priceless. A beautiful home filled with colours surely brings lotsa good memories with our family. There's nothing more valuable than having good memories with your loved ones. Quoting a line from Jessie J's Price Tag - "Money can't buy us happiness". But we can buy Nippon Paint to be happy! :P

P - Professional & perfect! There is lotsa colours to choose from Nippon Paint, what's even better is that Nippon Paint offers professional painting tips and also great services! Check it out here (link) And Nippon Paint is famous for the Green technology. I mean everyone's going green alright? Green is the new black, not blue but still cool :P

O - Optimistic. Well, facing colourful walls certainly brightens up my day :D Who likes staring at dull walls? Except for those who are day dreaming all the time of course XD, and please, don't tell me you do. That's a terrible lie O:

N - Neat! I believe the Nippon Paint will continue to enhance the dynamics of my room. This encourages me to keep my room clean and sleek. No more messy room!

With Nippon Paint, I think I can do wonders towards the pathetic purple purposeless wall. For example, now my room's wall can turn into a tv test page.

Okay, yea I know. Terrible idea -_-''

How about having Nippon Paint Blobbies all over the wall?

Yea, yea, yea. I know, another terrible idea. =.='' Wait, you're saying it's terrible cause you don't know what's a Nippon Paint Blobby?? Seriously then, you gotta watch this video :P

Yeap, those cute thingy on the wall just now are the Nippon Paint Blobbies! Awesome things they are isn't it? Well, they are not just awesome but also cool! Why? Because they even have a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/nipponpaintblobbies :P Nowadays, whoever that has a Facebook page is cool. Heh. 

Anyway, I really want a make over for my room, but I don't have the creativity to make my room more condusive for me. Hopefully, I can win a makeover from Nippon Paint and get their professional advice on this. Fingers crossed!!! If I don't, maybe I'll resort to aerosol sprays =(.

In the mean time, you can also drop some comments on what you think is your ideal room :P Maybe I could get some inspiration from you guys *winks

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  1. now i only knew these things are called Nippon Paint Blobbies! :D

    interesting article. I hope you win the contest! :D