Oh! My 700th post can you believe it? =)

I'm so moodless.
It's just one of those days.

You know school totally sucks now?

My studies. No comment, but better than the beginning of the year =/

Teachers. All of the are getting crazy. We're getting shoutings everyday even from the Moral teacher. Well he didn't shout. He was very happy. Very upset. And the rest of the teachers are the same. Whether good teachers or not, friendly or not. All are the same. Same. Soon, 5U 2010 will be blacklisted. Teachers are expecting 5U to be uber good. Always with this phrase "Ini kelas 5U kah? Ini kan kelas straight A's? Kelas straight A's macam ini ke?" Why must we always meet their expectation? They insult us when we don't. When we try to please them, any compliment? Nope. None. I know last year's 5U was great awesome achievers. Not all of us are like them. Sigh.

My highest respect is for my BM teacher. Although being an OKU, she still dedicates herself to teach. I think she deserves respect from everyone. At least, I think she have many values in her life and she implies them in her teaching. I actually pay high interest in her life. But I don't fancy being teacher's pet and those sorts so I don't know about her.

Besides the teacher issue, probates in schools are getting on my nerves for being over-skema. I told one of the probates off for trying to "correct my mistakes" during assembly today. No, I'm not being rebellious, she's just not sensible. I shall not let out my rage, I mean anger here. The incident is totally stupid.

Classmates. Are getting crazy. Sometimes, we're like in a family. Sometimes, like enemies. Oh it rhymed. Great. Yeap, right. Division can be clearly seen here and there. Group A doesn't mix with Group B, so on. This is not just only racial groups but even in the same race, we don't talk sometimes. Ironic isn't it? Open your eyes and see that this is "the 1Malaysia".

I have no comment. I'm quite lost. Having mood swings. Don't mind me =/

Overall, life's mundane. Sucks at the moment because of all the random crappy thoughts in my mind. The mind is the devil's playground I understand. I bind all these in Jesus' name. God, give me Your peace.

One a random thought, I'm beginning to love the Indian kids from the flats area. I mean it's great to be able to be friends with them.

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