I wished my mojo was back!
I don't know what to write anymore. Life seems to be "too private and secretive" sometimes? -.-

No doubt, I love to write.
Blogging was a hobby, now I don't know what it is.

And ohmy..it's June in a few days time. June?! Where HAD the 5 months gone seriously?
Time seriously flies, blink blink a few more times, I'm out of school *cheerios*..

And I should start thinking of what I wanna be.
There's a lot of false ambitions I have, which I argue is not realistic enough.

I want to do something I like, and also have a future in my hands.
How is that possible seriously? God knows. Hahah, yea only God knows.
I wish He will like send someone and tell me o_o"

I don't wanna go cracking my brain thinking about my future :'(
Or maybe I just bersara and find a good ol' hubby to feed me for the rest of my life? =D
Stay at home and be a good tai tai. HAHHAA. -_----;

Anywayyyyyyy, future future future. I shall not worry about tomorrow. I have enough for today.
But addmath exam is tomorrow! How can I not worry?

I don't know why, people don't believe me when I say I failed all my science subjects and addmaths. They look so highly on me ah? =x heh. I did lar. Nothing proud also -_- . I shall work hard.

Did I mention before I started tuition too? o_o Definitely learning something from the classes, but I still hate the rigid schedule =( Like I have to set apart another 4 hours in the week for something. Not of my interest. But what to do, if I don't go I shall be flunking my SPM for real.

Yes, haih. So, I shall go searching for the aim of my life. =D
In my dreams now! Sleepyyy zzzz. toodles!