It's Good Friday. I "went through a lot" to go to Cochrane's Evangelistic Meeting (EM) today. Although during the whole session it was rather distracting but the sketch reminded me again how wonderful God's love is for us. And how ignorant we are that sometimes we do not bother to take this opportunity to share about Good Friday to our friends. And believe me, they have no idea what is Good Friday nor Easter and they do not have a clue that it's today..

And what was the sketch? You probably have watched Lifehouse's Everything skit on youtube before. Cochrane CF presented the skit. I remembered my church performing that particular skit also last year. Wanted to watch back when I got home.

Lo and behold, in YPF blog today, I found the video at the end of the skit. Coincidence? Maybe. But I don't think so.

I cannot comprehend still why He gave us this amazing love. And I cannot understand, cannot cannot. I only can be moved to tears when I watched the skit again.

Be touched, and be blessed.
Blessed Good Friday and Easter.

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