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MY SPM is going down the drain, and it's time I really, really need to brush up on my studies. I'm really disappointed with myself. But ranting ain't gonna help me.

I'm now "famous" for being "loud, sarcastic, irritating, bully, and likes to bomb people". Oh well, that's what makes school more interesting what. I entertain myself -_-;; Sigh.

No more freaking lisan(s) for the rest of my life hoorayyyy. Just oral now -_-; Pfft.

And well, I just feel like writing this. I'm also know for being a prefect-hater.
Sorry, dude they just get on my nerves, not everyone. Some. I hate those people being over-skema. Like seriously, WHY? -_-;

Practically, some(not all) blue-shirts and the teachers' are ROBBERS. Uh oh, such a strong word. Well, they do spotchecks and RAMPAS stuffs which they think students cannot bring. And what authority do they have over us that they determine what we can or cannot bring. Like hello, certain KEYCHAINS also cannot bring. As if the keychain is gonna affect my studies -__________________________-;; Imma speechless. And on Wednesday, yesterday the blue shirts checked the girls whether we were wearing any necklace or not. And because it was koko day, I was wearing T-Shirt and the prefect put her hand inside at my shoulder -__-.

Imma pissed. Seriously. Like, INSIDE?! Argh.

Gone case lar all these blue shirts one day, if I'm gonna be sarcastic with them, and believe me I will. ;)
Just like the other day, last Friday when they wanna spot check me and they come so CLOSEEE to me and I tried to be sarcastic with them, put my hands on their shoulder like you know some hugging position. HAHAHAHHAAHA. And the blue shirt stopped awhile and gimme some ^o) look. Lalalallaa.

Sarcasm is healthy sometimes. :D
cheerios. Sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone. But as people like to say "siapa makan cili dia yang terasa pedas".. so :)

I'm done :)

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