I just downloaded a few add-ons for Firefox and it's working well. :D
Fastestfox, Personas and Cool Previews :D

Fastestfox is good for browsing blogs, as there are limited posts in a blog's homepage. As you scroll down, immediately your page will be "refreshed" with the next page of the blog appearing in front of you. Awesomeness. :D Loveee it. Fastestfox also has other features, check it out :P

Personas allow me to customize Firefox with any skin I like ranging from thousands of skins of different themes. And, I dont even have to download them ;D It's all in one. :D

And as for cool previews, it's good as I could just put on my cursor and read on instead of opening a new tab :D

Enough of geek talk. Go try lah! ;D