It has been much of a 'happening month'.

1) CNY and Valentines on the same day. Double celebration? O; Today's the last day by the way. Happy Chap Goh Mei.


2) YPF organised a movie screening of Blood Diamond on 6th, a fund raising program for Haiti earthquake victims. It was a successful one and the amount collected has been amazing, thank you so much for those who had supported and the money had been channeled to World Vision :). God bless you for your generousity in giving.

guess who

3) I went to Ipoh, my first time there :)

4) After much hassle on discussing how to celebrate a classmate's birthday, it was finally over and the class had a short great time.


5) 2 person left for Australia, both at Melbourne. Emerene and Matthew. :(

And it was Matthew's birthday yesterday. Happy belated birthday! 20, old already :x !

6) Yesterday YPF had a activity-outing at KLCC. Last minutes and all but thankfully still went well. And after that, taadaaa.

movie marathon, anyone? :x

Doesn't it gives you the creep that it's MARCH already?! I'm getting freaked out. ;(

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