Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Plus - The "RM20 Earphones"

Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Plus comes in the most dodgy packaging ever but I reckon it's one of the best things I've ever bought in my life.

I've bought a couple of headphones and earphones over the last few years but I only use one consistently for the last two years. It was a Sony earphones (I don't even remember which model cause I randomly bought it from Harvey Norman) that cost me about RM30. I've been using that almost every night since I use it to sleep and finally one of the earbud died one me.

Awhile ago I read an article on Lowyat about this "RM20 earphones" and the good reviews about it. It was a no-brainer to get this, I thought... because after a quick 30-minutes search on Google and YouTube, somehow I'm convinced. (I'm not the gullible type k, I usually take more time to research :p)

The problem is I have to buy it online and I was kind of lazy to wait for the shipping from overseas so eventually I paid about RM34 to get it from a local seller that was selling online on Lowyat forum.

Got to say that I'm blown away by the sounds this little guy produces. I'm no audiophile nor a pro critic but I know that I like what I hear when using the VE Monk Plus, and I know it's good stuff. Don't ask me the technical stuff, I have very little knowledge in all that.

I preferred the previous Sony earbuds I own, because it was slightly smaller and it was a good fit for my ears. VE Monk Plus is a bit larger for my own liking.

I don't bother using the foams anymore because they come off too easily.

The cable quality is not bad.

Why so cheap leh? If you guessed "China", you're right. VE is an audio company based in China and I'm guessing that's why. Also. the last I read, the company only has 5 employees. OMG. They're doing some great stuff.

Overall, I think it lives up to the motto stamped in front of the dodgy packaging - "The biggest bang you'll ever hear for your buck."

Japan Spring Trip: Tokyo - Tokyo Disneyland (Apple Holiday)

In continuation of my previous blogpost on my Japan trip, here's what happened!

It was my second time at Disneyland, my first was at Hong Kong. My siblings and I grew up watching Disney cartoons and, undeniably, we kind of let loose little kid inside of us. :p

It's such a magical land.

Look at how happy the little girl is!

The other time when we went to Hong Kong Disneyland, we had no idea about the Disney FASTPASS service. This time, thankfully we had a tour guide and he kindly led us and taught us how to strategically use this service.  

Got to thank God that the crowd that day was "extremely little" compared to the usual standards. There were much lesser people, which was a good thing for us since the queues were shorter. But the atmosphere was still lively nevertheless. 

The famous Disney Jumbo Turkey Leg! On a usual day, it may take up to one hour to buy this from the stall but thankfully, since there wasn't many people we got to buy it immediately - no queue! Yay :D It was nice.

Weather was extremely fine. Forecast said it would rain but thank God it didn't BUT, the wind was extremely strong - violent at times - that the parades had to be cancelled. That was my only disappointment :( Didn't get to watch the parade nor stay for the fireworks this time but most likely it would be cancelled too due to the weather.

When I came back, many people ask me which was my favourite ride or attraction but I can't tell. I only went for a few: Mark Twain Riverboat, It's A Small World, Pooh's Hunny Hunt, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Mickey's PhilharMagic.

To me, I love every single moment I spent at Disneyland and everything was equally great. Even if I didn't get to play any rides (but it would be a waste :p), just mingling around and watching the characters interact with the public was good enough.

Admittedly, I wished I took more photos on that day but I was too busy living the magically moment. Time flew by too quickly and boy were we reluctant to bid goodbye to Disneyland :( Would have wanted to spend more time here. Even just sitting down and watching everyone else made me happy. This is the Disney effect.

So we left, and headed to this place to have our final dinner at Tokyo, before we head home the next day. 

Two slabs of Kobe beef (upper right). 

Food was greatttt. The meat selection was awesome and the sushi was not bad too! Even there was a great variety for drinks! I prepared myself mentally that I was going to smell like BBQ meat at the end of the meal but lo and behold, I still smell good when my belly was fully :P How did that happen? Amazing ventilation system!

Anyway, this was some of the things we got back from Disneyland. Photo taken at home haha. Would love to visit Disneyland again one day :)

I guess this is the end of the Japan trip posts. It was a great trip. As it was a group tour, I thank God all the participants were cooperative, everyone was punctual most of the time and there was no drama. I'd love to visit Japan again another time when I can. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.