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Japan Spring Trip: Tokyo - Day 5 (Apple Holiday)

In continuation of my previous blogpost on my Japan trip, here's what I did for day 5:

Woke up early to have breakfast at Tokyo Dome Hotel of course.

Went to visit the Akusa Kannon Temple, didn't go in but we walked around the vicinity.

In Japan, it's rude to eat and walk at the same time. The vendors put up a sign to tell tourists that they have to stand at the stall and finish the food before they could walk away.

We went to Watami for lunch and.... it was the most forgettable meal in the whole trip. Not so onz. I think I had better ones here in Malaysia.

Shortly after that, we made our way to Ginza, Tokyo's most famous upscale shopping, dining and entertainment district.

We actually didn't plan to spend much on shopping but we ended up at GU, Uniqlo's sister brand and everything is so cheap there! Like RM9 (converted) for a top cheap! Imagine Uniqlo's quality at RM9. Yeah, we did bought quite a bit of clothing here, but all from GU.

Lunch was utterly dis…

Here's How You Can Save 3 Lives And Get Free Movie Tickets Too!

If you didn't know yet, MBO Cinemas is continuing its third annual partnership with St John Ambulance of Malaysia to host a donation drive this weekend to contribute to the National Blood Centre (PDN). 
Those who are interested may head to any of the MBO Cinemas nationwide from 12pm to 6pm on 6-7 August. For those in Kedah and Johor, you can visit the cinemas on 5-6 August. 
Blood donors, you'd be pleased to know that you will receive a goodie bag which includes free cinema tickets, movie merchandises, food, drinks and pharmaceutical gifts from MBO Cinemas partners.

Check out MBO Cinemas creative video promo too. I like that it's non-cheesy and light-hearted in a way, that's how promotional videos should be done!
Did you know that ONE pint of blood can save THREE lives? It's quite amazing actually. 
So if you're planning to catch Suicide Squad this weekend, don't forget to join the blood donation drive too :)