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Japan Spring Trip: Hokkaido - Day 2 (Apple Holiday)

In continuation of my previous blogpost on my Japan trip, here's what I did for day 2:

Breakfast! I love the buffet at Mahoraba Hotel. Also, I figured that all the half boiled eggs in Japan.. are served.. COLD. BUT WHY? That was my first and last haha.

It was raining when we left Mahoraba Hotel and we were headed to Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura aka a historic village. Think ninjas and old settlements during the Edo Period. I had to Google this - Edo Period was a time in Japan when the country was under the military dictatorship but it was said to be a time of peace, political stability and economic growth.

So the first thing here as soon as we arrived was to watch a Ninja show, which was... interesting haha. The whole show was in Japanese and I didn't understand a thing but alright, it was quite entertaining in some ways.
Then, we had the free time to roam around the village. It was fairly empty because people were watching other performances or shows. Thankfully the rain stopp…

Japan Spring Trip: Hokkaido - Day 1 (Apple Holiday)

Hey guys! I recently went to Japan (Hokkaido and Tokyo) with my family. So, I haven't really done this for awhile, or perhaps never did, but I had a great time so I thought I'll try and make at least a blog post every week about the one week I spent there.

This is also perhaps relevant for those who are interested to take a tour with Apple Holiday/Apple Vacations.

Believe it or not, but this is actually the first overseas trip we have as a family since 2010 as we haven't been to anywhere else except for Bangkok, Thailand. The last time was we went somewhere else besides Bangkok was in December 2010, where we went to South Korea for winter.

Anyway, let's start right from the top, we took a flight from KLIA to Narita Airport via Japan Airlines (JAL). It was a 11pm flight.

First impression - I loveee the plane! So basically, for our size, there was a lot of leg room. And the seats were 2-3-2 design, so basically it's easier to get out even if you're at the window…