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Food: BBQ Town, Mid Valley Megamall (Pork-Free)

Thinking of having a BBQ session? Someone from your family wants shabu shabu instead? Cannot decide? So why not get the best of both worlds at BBQ Town, Mid Valley Megamall?

BBQ Town has been around for quite some time now at Mid Valley Megamall. Here, you can enjoy Thai BBQ and Japanese shabu shabu, buffet style.

At BBQ Town, patrons can choose from having beef, lamb or chicken. If you like, you don't even have to choose at all and get all three. The meat are all from Australia. Best of all, it's free flow!

Most places use pork fat for grilling and also to prevent the blackening (carbonized bits) on the grill. Here at BBQ Town, the beef fat is provided instead because this place is in fact a pork-free restaurant and no alcohol is served here. If you don't take beef, no worries, you can let the waiters know and you'll be given sesame oil instead.
For shabu shabu, patrons can opt for the two types of broth offered here, namely Konbu chicken soup and spicy miso soup. I g…

First Impressions: Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10,000mAh

Recently I bought the new 10,000 mAh Mi powerbank after it went on sale for the first time in Malaysia. Managed to get two units (one for myself, another for my friend) directly from Mi Malaysia's website. 

Mi Malaysia should consider giving me some freebies or such for being such a good customer. Bought so many units of Mi phones and Mi accessories from them in the last 1.5 years.

10,000mAh is the new model that is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the 10,400mAh model. Similar to the original model, it pushes an maximum of 2.1 Amp and charging can receive up to 2 Amp input.

I have the 10,400 mAh powerbank which I bought last year. I've been using daily to charge my phone. All is still good I still can get good amount of charge for my phone the only thing is the port is a little loose, that's why I bought a new one for backup in case the current powerbank dies. It's also nice to have a spare.

Straight out of the box, it's the usual: powerbank itself, a manu…

Food: Toridoki, Desa Sri Hartamas

Toridoki is a fairly new restaurant (about 4 months old since its opening a few months ago) in Desa Sri Hartamas. Toridoki prides itself in serving the best chicken dishes - you can find 'chicken' on almost every page of its menu.

Kitchen area is open for everyone to see and I find it impressive that the staffs can work around such a tight and cramped space.

Yay for tatami mats. 

For starters, take heart to know that the restaurant will serve you a complimentary appetizer for your meal. It changes day-to-day but we got potato salad when we visited.

First dish for the night was Konsai Salad (root's vegetable's salad). The salad is made of Japanese root vegetables, covered with mayonnaise and then grated with parmesan cheese. Yes, that's one huge cheese there. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Konsai salad and it's one of my favourite here although it's not chicken.

Then comes Nagaimo Garlic Butter (Japanese yam with garlic and butter). Personally, it's one of the…